“If only our eyes saw souls
instead of bodies” wrote an unknown author,
echoing the cry of many whose value in society is based
on others ‘seeing’ them through the lens of their particular
financial status, ability, weight, skin colour, age, political belief etc.
rather than ‘seeing them’
through the lens of the soul.

For many around the world at this time,
the Season of Lent is being observed
and many are “giving up” something
in keeping with their tradition and religious beliefs.

Not me.
I am not ‘giving up’ something as part of my Lenten observation.

In the darkness of this world
In the darkness of whatever envelopes us in a shroud of negativity
In the darkness of this Lenten season.
I will receive, welcome and
consciously let-in light to see souls
rather than give-up chocolate or desserts or whatever.

What a different world we would have
if instead of talking about things that rile us,
if instead of criticizing, nagging, finding fault with,
putting others down
… not to mention ourselves?
we talked about blessings and spoke about
the goodness that ‘is’
… because there *is* goodness in the world
the blessings around us
… because blessings exists
and spoke words of encouragement, appreciation and thanksgiving
to and for those who
… are trying
… are taking risks
… are speaking up and speaking out
… are surviving and even thriving in spite of their personal difficulties
… are working so hard as parents, volunteers, students, employees, employers etc.

Perhaps if we put our focus there,
it might be easier to see people as souls
… be better able to relate to ‘the other’
rather than walk-by and ignore, pity or ‘judge.

No, I am not “giving up” something for Lent.
I am giving thanks
… for the blessings
like this sweet daffodil
poking its beauty through the snow
this morning.


Text and Photo  © June Maffin

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