As I walked through the halls of the Holocaust Museum in Orlando, Florida yesterday,
and as I stood in silence on Remembrance Day a few days ago in British Columbia,
I was reminded of other wars, other moments in time, other places of terror and suffering:
Beirut, Syria, Paris, a school named Sandy Hook, the Twin Towers, a marathon in Boston,
Indian residential schools, slave ships, a night club in Orlando, Las Vegas, a church in Texas …

The words of Rabbi Michael Lerner “The task… at this moment is to reaffirm a different consciousness
remind ourselves that we are inextricably bound to each other and to everyone on the planet”
echoed through my mind as I drifted off to sleep last night
… remembering the lessons of the past
… wondering if we will ever truly remember and learn.

A question kept running through my thoughts last night.
That same question was still there when I awoke this morning:

If not

© june maffin

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