Thinking about last night’s election results from the Land of Cotton
reminded me of the children’s story “The Little Engine That Could.”

The little train engine was at the bottom of a big hill
and doubted it could climb to the top.

But as it kept repeating the words “I think I can.  I think I can,”
it slowly inched up the hill.
slowly began to believe
… and reached the goal! 

Believing in ourselves
doesn’t necessarily happen all at once.

It often happens
… step by step
… inch by inch
… moment by moment
… day by day.

And before we know it
we reach our goal.

After last night’s election result
maybe it’s time to believe.

Believe in a future
… with possibilities
… with leaders of integrity
… of hope.

Maybe it’s time to take a cue from Tinker Bell
“I believe!
I believe!”


Text & Photo © June Maffin

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