A kaleidoscopic tumbling of emotions
pierce conversations and thoughts as
… yet another terrorist attack happens
… and another
… and another
civil unrest around the world escalates
natural disasters seem undeterred
medical issues cause confusion and fear of the unknown
media’s negativity barrages listeners, readers, viewers
political antics
… reminiscent of childhood playground fights
perpetuate voter-angst
religious organizations remain angry and divided around their definition of marriage
courts make decisions
… bringing relief to some
… death to some
… hopelessness to others
some politicians continue to be self-serving
… rather than serving those who elected them.

Personal experience and history are reminders that
words can wound
… and heal
words can bring division
… and reconciliation
words can cause confusion
… and bring hope.

Which will be chosen?

Holy Word Among Us
… encourage us to be sensitive to those whose opinion differs from ours
… empower us with compassion
… enable us to move beyond woundedness, confusion, fear
… equip us to survive
… energize us with hope.

WM. Caryl&EvoHome
© Photo and Text   June Maffin
<The photo was taken from the balcony of a friend’s home in Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, Canada>



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