It’s been said that
‘where there is no vision
the people perish’
so this day
and in the days ahead
… a prayer.

Weave, O Holy One,
… our diverse liturgical expressions
… our differing threads of opinions
… our various theological and political strands
into a sacred tapestry
so that we will be empowered
to vision
… to vision a world
where Love
… not ego
… not pursuit of power
… not idolization of money
is the centre of
… actions and thoughts and conversations.

Great Weaver of us all,
when we find ourselves
… regretting the past
… uncertain of the present
… fearful of the future
help us not to focus
on the underside of the Tapestry
where our
… knottedness
… frayed ends
… and tattered threads
can be seen.

Help us to see
the entire Tapestry
so we can


Text © June Maffin


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