Weather-wise, it is overcast and gloomy
and the Fall season
has arrived in full force.

In New Zealand, it is overcast and gloomy
and today’s earthquake, the aftershocks and tsunami
have arrived in full force.

The aftershocks of the US Presidential election
have begun to arrive in full force
continuing to unsettle, heap coals of grief
disillusionment, anger and angst.

Nature speaks.
Ancestors guide.
When I saw this image through the window
as my husband drove us through the Rockies,
I leaned out and pressed the shutter.
Today, I know why I took that photo.

It speaks …
of strength: the mountains in the bg
of endurance: the trees standing tall
of hope: the roses in the foreground.

When the going-got-rough for our parents
poverty, war, hurricanes, ill health,
they held on to the legacy of the generations – their ancestors – before them
… a legacy of endurance and strength and hope.

Sometimes, that legacy was all they had to hold onto.
These days, it may be all we have to hold onto.
But “hold on to” we will.
We must.


Photo & Text © June Maffin


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