While the world continues
to go down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland
there is, in one corner of the world
an elderly woman who is celebrating life
… rejoicing in who she is
… delighting in colour and laughter and wonder.

I don’t know your ‘story’
but this I do know
… I like you.
A lot!

I like your ability to smile a huge smile without any teeth.
I like your willingness to be photographed with a towel wrapped around your head
… and your hair popping out from under it.
I like it that you don’t take yourself too seriously.
… and that you epitomize the truism that
life is far too short to stress about what tomorrow will bring.

I celebrate today and am grateful that
today I have
… lived
… breathed on my own
… walked to the store, mowed the lawn, canned applesauce
… begun work for a new Soulistry Workshop (“Healthy Grieving: Finding Your Path to Healing”)
… been “present to” someone whose burdens are huge and blessed by that time of sharing
… picked tomatoes from our garden and watered the veggies/fruit trees
… watched the news on tv and prayed for situations/people who are hurting because of the greed/anger/zest for power of others.
… lived life to the best of my ability with
love in my heart
peace in my soul
prayers in my mind
and resolve to ‘make a difference’ each day
… in making this world a better place
in some way
for some person
in some place
… even if it’s only
smiling at a stranger on the street
speaking out against an injustice
listening to a friend who is hurting
creating a handmade card and sending it on its way
putting fingers to keyboard and writing a blog post
… even if it’s only.

… you are an inspiration!


Photo (used by permission) © Rarindra Prakarsa (www.rarindraprakarsa.com)
Rarindra is a gifted photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia who loves
to “capture people, culture & nature.”

Text © June Maffin (www.soulistry.com/blog).
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