We say it oftenwatermarkedstrawberrygoodmorning
We hear it often
But do we really know what we’re saying
when we say “good morning.”

Yesterday may have had ‘broken pieces’
Yesterday may have brought disappointment
Yesterday may have planted fear deep inside

But today is not yesterday.
Today is a new day.
This morning is a new morning.

And it can be a ‘good’ morning
… if only for a split second.

This morning, as I swept the leaves covering the front entrance to the house
I noticed a little bit of ‘good’ growing in the front yard
… this strawberry flower
beside a hopefully-soon-to-get-red strawberry.
In the middle of November!

Once again, the birds had given
an unexpected gift
… a gentle reminder
that every morning can offer a bit of goodness.

Thanks to the little lesson from the strawberry,
I will try to remember to smile and say “Good morning”
to people I encounter
whether I feel like it is a ‘good’ morning or not
each morning is the first day
of the rest of their life
each morning is the first day
of the rest of my life.

I want every day to be a day that holds to the promise
of the strawberry growing unexpectedly in our front yard
bringing a “Good Morning!” wish to my soul
reminding me to share goodness with others in whatever ways I can.

“Good Morning!”
May this be a ‘good morning’ for you.  🙂

An aside
This is my first time trying to add a name and text watermark to one of my photos
and not only did I have fun doing it but it’s another reason for this morning to be a ‘good morning’.
May your morning be a ‘good morning,’ in some way, too.  🙂    <june>



© text and photo: June Maffin

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