There she was
… strutting her stuff across the street
looking oh-so-certain of her destination.

Then she stopped.

She didn’t move
… at all.

Camera in hand, I watched her
… watching me.

Ms. Black Cat and Groucho Marx
…”A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” <Groucho Marx>
were gentle reminders that life offers moments of reflection
in the most commonplace situations.

Today will bring unique opportunities for each of us
to ‘go somewhere’
and appreciate the precious gift of life in new ways.

Will we stop
… as did Ms. Black Cat
and look?
Will we make time to reflect?

Thank you, Ms. Black Cat
… for capturing my attention
… for inviting me to take your photo
… and for offering yet another opportunity to reflect on
the gift of life
the wonder of creation
and the hope that tomorrow
… I will be “going somewhere.”

Whether that “somewhere” is simply
… getting out bed and into a chair
… brushing my teeth
… getting groceries
… going to work
… having a play day
… enjoying a visit with a friend
whatever the “somewhere” is
I will go
… with curiosity
… with gratitude
… and with hope
that many tomorrows will follow tomorrow.



Photo & Text © June Maffin

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