Long ago, when monks transcribed manuscripts by hand,
mistakes were made because the language of the time had no punctuation.
So, letter after letter was strung together with other letters
… with no capitalization to indicate a new sentence/thought)
and this often provided dilemmas for the monks.

For instance … quickly, without spending a lot of time thinking, what does the following say:


Capital letters, punctuation and “spaces” are vital when trying to understand written text.
So, does the above say: “It is good to believe that God is now here.”
Or, does it say “It is good to believe that God is nowhere.”

Our society is filled with people who believe that God is “nowhere”
and many of them live loving, productive lives and bring blessings to this world.

Our society is also filled with people who believe that God is “now here”
They experience and understand God
… in different ways
… in different places
… with different traditions related to their beliefs
… dressed in different ways
… using different names for their deity

Yes, there are differences … many!
But so what?
Really, so what?

If lives are lived, expressing lovingkindness
… to people, animals, the earth, the sky, the waters, themselves
what harm is expressed if people choose
to acknowledge God “now here” in their own way?

I don’t understand hate crimes.
I don’t understand racism.
I don’t understand religious intolerance.
I never have.
I doubt I ever will.

It is good (for me) to believe that God is now here
especially in these present difficult days of
fear-mongering threats by world leaders.



Text & Photo © June Maffin

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