at times when we felt unloveable
… we have felt unconditional love

at times when our bodies hurt
… we have known gentle healing touch

at times when our minds are confused and stressed
… we have been blessed by peace that passes all understanding

at times when the storms of life have battered us
… we have experienced soft embrace

at times when all we seem to hear is a cacophony of gossip and negativity
… we have known that comforting, encouraging and affirming “still, small Voice”

and at times when life seems bleak
… we have discovered your everpresent Spirit of Hope.

We are humbled and grateful.

In time of sorrow and sadness for many
we reflect and try to be honest with ourselves
recognizing that there are times
alone or with others
… when we have experienced wilderness moments
and temptation calls us to sow seeds of negativity in our conversations, emails, thoughts
… wilderness moments when wild beasts of anger, fear, disillusionment, bitterness, resentment
are ravenous and eat at the core of our personal peace and corporate unity.

Those wild beasts and temptations
can be deadly.

We hope and pray
… to resist the temptations
… to remain steadfast in the face of the wild beasts
… to raise one another up instead of tear one another down
… to be encouraged when we falter
… to have willing hearts to forgive one another
… to be focused on what is good in this world
… and to repent of those moment when we allow temptations and wild beasts
to detract us from being people of joy and hope and peace and love
… of Good News in the world.

hear our prayer.



Photo and Text © June Maffin

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