First frost of the winter arrived!
A cold and crisp morning.

My little camera came outside with me
and I was in awe.

The frost on the deck’s bannister
ushered a depth of gratitude for much in my life
including, on this cold morning,
– the power is still on!

It’s a day filled with possibility and gratitude
in spite of the yuck of greed and commercialism,
in spite of the fear that fills social media
in spite of this morning’s news of yet-another-shooting at a school
in spite of the sadness of this first Advent and Christmas without my beloved.


I refuse
to let negativity detract from
my ability to feel hopeful
to be loving
to experience peace
to be aware of beauty.
I refuse.

At the same time
I won’t shut my eyes
to the images that flood the media
I won’t close my ears
to the sounds of suffering
I won’t ignore the pain
in my heart.

I will feel what I feel.
I will do what I can.
I will remember.
I will pray.
And I will find one thing
just one little thing
this and every day
that will give me hope.

Today’s hope arrived
in the frost
on the bannister on our deck.
Frosty Hope!


Photo and Text © june maffin

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