the quality of being
… broken, damaged
… delicate, vulnerable
… wounded, weak

no matter how it is experienced
physically, emotionally, spiritually
fragility intrudes upon
life, nature, the economy
relationships, the environment, the political world

we want to live in a world
healthy and durable and strong
… not fragile

we want to perceive ourselves
and be perceived as
healthy and durable and strong
… not fragile

but life is fragile

changes in weather can cause
flights to be cancelled
breathing to be compromised
homes to be damaged
people to be injured or killed
… fragility

people don’t listen
feelings are hurt
misunderstandings happen
relationships end
… fragility

illness, violence, accidents happen
the body succumbs, death results
… fragility

the voice of reason
is silenced by greed, ambition, egotism
democracy begins to fade
… fragility

grief may cause our heart to break
… fragility

but fragility can also be a metaphor for
… resilience, possibility, hope, strength

the little heart pumps blood through the body
every moment and every day of life
hearts are strong and resilient
… we are, too

eggshells are fragile and easily broken
but put a raw egg in its shell in the palm of a hand
it cannot be broken
eggshells are strong under compression
… we are too

butterflies are delicate and fragile
meteorologist Edward Norton Lorenz believed that the minor perturbation
of the flapping of a distant butterfly’s wings weeks later
… could influence a hurricane
butterflies can have a powerful effect
… we can too

even when we feel fragile
we can leave an impact on the soul of another
we may not feel strong
we may not be powerful
we may see ourselves
broken, damaged, delicate, vulnerable, wounded, weak
… fragile
but there is more to us
than our fragility
far more

this I-don’t-know-what-it-is less than an inch in circumference
… like spun gold!
so delicate, so strong, so tiny, so beautiful, so fragile
appeared while I was weeding the veggie beds
and then quickly blew away
… fragility

it left an impact on my soul




Photo & Text © June Maffin

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