Bought some flower seeds.
Mixed the flower seeds.
Put them into a container.
Shook the container.
Sprinkled the seeds in the garden.

Didn’t know what they were
except they were grown locally
and had   g  r  e  a  t    potential
to transform the back yard
and bring beauty and colour and life
into the yard and home when the flowers bloomed

Two weeks later
– nothing was growing.
So two weeks later
sprinkled more seeds
– nothing was growing

The next week
sprinkled more seeds
– and they grew
– and grew
– and grew!

Flower Jungle
of cosmos, poppies
purple flowers, yellow flowers, pink flowers, white flowers,
big flowers, tiny flowers and in-between-colours and sizes.

What to do?
Enjoy them!
Share them!
Watch them grow and bloom
s   p   r   e   a   d

Lessons to be learned:
… learn their names
… learn which will reseed themselves
… learn not to sprinkle more seeds
on top of more seeds
on top of more seeds

And in the meantime
gratitude fills my heart
for the beauty, aroma, colour
they bring into my life
as I look out the patio doors
and see all of the colour
and when I cut some
bring them indoors
put them in vases.

Flower Jungle
what fun you are!



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