The First Week of the New Year has begun.  While some people begin their week on a weekday (‘work’ connection), others begin their week on the weekend (‘religious’ connection).  Regardless which day our week begins, what will we encounter and allow?

Will we allow possibilities for self-growth?  service?  self-awareness?  Or, will we let those days come-and-go without much thoughtful reflection as we simply and plow through the days and “get through the week”?

Will the days of our week include physical activity? recreation? laughter? reflection? exercise? creativity? sleep? work? love? simply be-ing?   Or, will we let them be filled with boredom? busyness? restlessness? an unwillingness to take a risk? an inability to let-go of stresses?

If each day of each week is welcomed, appreciated and honoured as a Not-Yet-Opened-Gift, who knows what blessings could come our way.  Perhaps we might experience … Magical and Meaningful MONDAYS … Tranquil and Truthful TUESDAYS … Wonder-filled and Wacky WEDNESDAYS … Thankful and Thoughtful THURSDAYS … Fabulous and Fruitful FRIDAYS … Sagacious and Spiritual SATURDAYS …Salubrious and Serene SUNDAYS or more!

Happy First Week in the New Year!




© June Maffin

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