It’s not an easy question
… “How can terrible events happening around the world be seen from a spiritual perspective?”

Perhaps the answer can begin to be found in the words of others.

Hiding in an attic in the midst of anticipated discovery at any moment
a young girl, Anne Frank, had hope.
… “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.”

In spite of everything that was happening during WW11,
someone had hope and wrote
… “I believe in the sun, even when it’s not shining.
I believe in the stars, even when I see them not.
I believe in God, even when God is silent”
on the wall of a concentration camp in Dachau.

Teaching songs to pre-school malnourished, sickly and orphaned children.
with no room to sit in the noisy, hot, humid, dusty and impossibly tiny and crowded room in Sri Lanka
a country torn apart by civil war
six crudely printed words
“Life is a gift from God”
were crudely scratched on the wall
as the children sang and moved spontaneously with joy!

In spite of everything.
In the midst of
… a terrifying yesterday
… a bleak today
… a potentially annihalted tomorrow

In each of these situations, there was hope!
Anne Frank’s words
… words of hope.
The Dachau prisoner’s words
… words of hope.
The Sri Lankan’s words
… words of hope.

Though the future
… may seem bleak and terrifying to some
the hope of those in bleak and terrifying situations in the past
… must be allowed to speak hope
to people in the bleak and terrifying present
… “in spite of everything.”



Photo & Text © june maffin

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