Through a cloud of sadness,
love shines.


Long before I knew him, our paths began to intersect.
Some call it “fate”; some call it “co-incidence.”
We called it “Divine Love.” 

In Montreal, he and his family lived
… about three blocks away from my family.In North Vancouver
… he lived a few miles away from me.

On the Sunshine Coast
… his family had a summer cottage in the community I worked.

We never met in any of those places.
And then we met, by happenstance at a Christmas Fair.
It wasn’t “love.”
It was simply a meeting of two people who shared common interests
and who began to grow in friendship.
And then ‘love’ entered the scene.
Not between the two of us
… just yet
but through a rescue dog
… his little King Charles Spaniel named Shandy.

As the years passed
the friendship he and I shared grew.

‘Love’ entered the spaces
that had been empty for far-too-long for us both.

When he first asked me to marry him
I said “No, not yet.”

Then he asked again
and again and again.

One day, he phoned and asked me to go
for an afternoon drive with him
… we often did that.

He came by with Shandy, picked me up and off we went.
And on a bench overlooking the ocean at Qualicum Beach
… again
… he asked me to marry him.

And this time I knew
… the obstacles we had talked about were nothing
as long as we faced them together.

I realized that his love for me was so deep
as was mine for him
and that spending the rest of our lives together,
… no matter how long, how short,
was part of “Divine Love.”

Six weeks later he had sold his little house
I had sold my little house;
a new little house was purchased
and we were married and moved into our “forever home.”

Our wedding day was a day marked by ‘clouds’
… physical rain clouds
… other ‘clouds’
but we knew that we would face any and all clouds

We were the love of each other’s lives
and we were grateful.

Over the years
… laughter filled our home
… deep conversations filled our home
… joy and peace and hope filled our home
… Divine Love filled our home.

On this day,
my beloved took his leave of this Planet Earth
but never
… never ever
takes his leave of my heart.

Like other calligraphers
he joins others in that Great-Scriptorium-in-the-Sky,
and is singing in that lovely voice of his
the six words of his reality:
… “It is well with my soul.”

Through a cloud of sadness
… love shines and always will
And when the time times for me to join him
our cremains will be together
in a unique box crafted by our wood artist friend.

Death may bring the end of life
but it does not end a relationship
for the love we were so blessed to share
will never end.

Rest in peace my beloved Hans.
Rest in peace.

<Hans van der Werff April 29, 1929 – June 26, 2016>


© june maffin

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