What lies ‘down the path’
for the United States? 

What lies ‘down the path’ for women, Mexicans,
Muslims, Jews, minorities, people with disabilities?

What lies ‘down the path’
for the world?

We can conjecture.
We can imagine.

We can look to history and remember the past

We can do what we can so that mistakes are not repeated.

We can hope.
We can pray.
We can ponder.

We can ask questions such as:

Is the unchartered territory ‘down the path’
going to make one country “great again”
… at the expense of 99% of its citizens
… at the expense of other countries

Is ‘down the path’
a slide down the rabbit hole
into the chaos of Alice in Wonderland’s tea party?

Are the tall, dark trees down the path
… barrier?
… protection?

We may think
there is nothing we can do.

But there is.

We can
… find others to walk ‘down the path’ with us
… create signs and post them along the path
… remove the trees – the barriers – to create open space of thought and relationship 

And we can
… refuse to go down the path.

The cost of the decision
… could be great,

But to *not* go down the path
… to stand by and do nothing
… to adopt a “que sera, sera” attitude
… to believe that all of this is “God’s will”
(It is not, if one believes in a God of love who not only expects
but requires followers to “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with your God”
<Micah 6:8>)

gives power to FEAR
which “serves as blinders to what may be
just a few steps down the road  for you.”
<Soledad O’Brien>

Taking the first step
… going further ‘down the road’
for ourselves or for others
could be transformational.

It’s our call
for the future
of that of our children
children’s children
and generations yet to come.

There really isn’t a choice for me
when recognizing that we and future generations
need to live in a society

… where air, water, soil are not polluted

… where people can shop, be transported, walk freely

… where the letter “c” for compassion and concern
undergird health systems and no one is bankrupt for medical/dental care

… where justice and mercy are not just words but are guides
for humane treatment of human beings and animals

… where truth really is truth and not alternate truth

… where disagreements are settled by dialogue and not war

… where children and youth are well-educated

and where integrity is not only
… expected of leaders
but is experienced
… and modelled for children and youth to emulate
in coming generations.


downTheRoadText © june maffin
Image Artist: unknown

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