When I took this photo this past Fall
I was reminded of a lovely Celtic prayer
… based on the Caim
the ‘enfolding prayer’.

On this, the eve of hearings which begin tomorrow
on the incumbent U.S. President’s appointment to SCOTUS
I remembered them both.

May we do what we can to keep
.. bitterness out
… greed out
… self-seeking out
… darkness out.

So that
… joy
… generosity
… love
… light
may be kept within.

Encircle us this night
… and the nights to come,
Creator of all,
with love, peace, and hope.


Photo & Text © June Maffin

The Caim (the enfolding prayer) is a form of prayer
used by early Celtic Christians
and is based on a Prayer found
in the Gethsemane Chapel, Wells Cathedral, Wells, England.

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