In many parts of the world,
the theme for the Second Week of Advent
which this year begins tomorrow

How timely!
Especially given the lack-of-peace around the world.

Peace is but a single word
but when echoed by many
it can become a rallying cry
for harmony in this world.

Mindful of the unrest in our world
‘peace’ is something we all want.

We want peace in the world
– in our families
– in our communities and churches and governments.

We want peace in our hearts.

On this eve of the Second Sunday in the Season of Advent
where the focus is on ‘peace,’
may each of us be a reflection a beacon of peace.

May peace
… deep peace
enter our world in gentle ways
… softening hearts
… transforming minds
… touching souls
and bringing

Peace, my friends.
May deep peace
be yours
and m
ay the theme for the Second Sunday of Advent
p e a c e
bless our world.


© june maffin

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