Dandelions – intriguing, playful, life-creating
and sometimes, an aid in explanation in what prayer is about.

Sometimes it’s difficult to use the word ‘pray’ or ‘prayer’ without a sense of self-consciousness, discomfort for whatever reason for some people.

The childhood game of blowing dandelion seeds into the air while making a wish as the breath is exhaled, then encouraging that wish to float freely is another way to explain
… trusting the unknown
… believing in God / Holy Other / Creator / By Whatever Name
… accepting possibilities into life
and may make the granting of a wish/prayer someday in some way
a welcoming thought.

Try taking a deep cleansing breath as you read this.
Then slowly exhale and imagine yourself
… blowing dandelion seeds into the air
… releasing prayers/wishes that are deep within you.

Journal about those Dandelion Wish-Prayers
… or simply let them float unencumbered by rational thought.

A Dandelion Wish-Prayer is that each person who reads Soulistry blogs … will be blessed in a way that can only be identified as Mystery – Miracle – Divine Intervention
… that they will know that blessing as such
… and will be able to share the wonder of the blessing with at least one other person
… spreading the Dandelion Wish-Prayer further afield.

©  june maffin

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