Connecting with Spirit in a tangible way can be fun!  And there are sooooo many ways to make that connection.  Gelli Printing is just one way.  It’s a fun (and easy!) technique. The results can be turned into handmade cards, lovely calligraphic backgrounds, whatever!   Rather than buy a commercial Gelli Plate, I made my own and then made some cards that will make their way to my sister who is in institutional care 4,000 miles away and looks forward to getting a card in the mail every week.

I took pix of the steps of the process to help workshop participants in an upcoming Soulistry Gelli Printmaking 101 workshop I’ll be facilitating (if you’re curious, you can read more at the “CreativeCardMaking” group on Facebook) but here are two of the cards to give you an idea of possibilities in case you want to ‘play’ with an easy technique … these cards used ferns right out of the garden <g>
Gelli printing is fun, it’s play-ful,
it’s creative,
and it’s just one of countless ways to connect our spiritual
and creative self in a tangible way.


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