doorsDoors are everywhere.
Some are welcoming and open and inviting.
Some are works of art.
Some portray histories of pain and suffering.
Some are imposing and non-welcoming.
Some are plain.
Some are ornate.
Some can lead to discovery – of something, someone, even ourselves.

I love this graphite work by my DH  (Dear Husband), Hans.
It gave a wonderful meditative focus for my day –
… what door(s) have I (you) opened?
… what is behind the door(s)?
… what door(s) remain locked?
… what blocks the opening of the door (s)?

May the doors you/I/we encounter lead to discovery, healing and hope.

<artwork © graphite artist: Hans van der Werff>
<text © june maffin>

What is it about the wet, West Coast

What is it about the wet, West Coast

What is it about the Wet, West Coast of British Columbia that draws my attention?

Even on rainy and overcast days, the beauty is stunning and a gentle reminder to slow down – take a break – observe – listen – be still.

After a drive to Nanaimo to see a specialist yesterday, we decided to come home via the “back route” rather than the busy highway and stop at Yellow Point Lodge so I could pick up some driftwood from their beach for a project I’m working on. We decided to enjoy the beauty and peace of the Lodge for an hour or so – how we love that place! No matter what the weather is (and yesterday it was rainy and overcast), it is beautiful.

So, what is it about the wet, West Coast of BC that draws my attention?  It’s simply this: the Wonder of Creation.
<text & photo © june maffin>



When I saw these delicate flowers pushing through the snow,

I found myself thinking about “break-throughs” in my life.

As I took the photo, I made a conscious decision to try to be more attentive to break-throughs … recognize … pay attention … allow them to become teaching moments for my life.

Thank you, Mother Nature.


Unconditional Love – If Only

How is unconditional love shown
… in families?
… in communities?
… in religious and community organizations?
… in work situations?
… in the world?

By word? Yes.
By thought? Yes.
By action? Yes.
By the expression of the “fruit of the spirit” (New Testament Book of Galatians) … “patience, kindness, goodness, thoughtfulness, gentleness, self-control.” Yes.

If only
… if only those who said they “loved”
… actually did – not just said.

If only
they loved
… in word, thought, action
… and fruit-of-the-spirit-expression.

If only.

<© june maffin>

Sea Urchin ZenDoodle

Sea Urchin ZenDoodle

SeaUrchinZenDoodleSeaUrchinZenDoodle – welcome to 2016!
You arrived without planning.
You arrived as I simply doodled.
You arrived most unexpectedly.
I’m glad you’re here!

Sweet SeaUrchin ZenDoodle, do you want some “bling” or simply continue being your black-and-white beautiful self?

Playing can be such fun and be a reminder that we never know how life will turn out when we ‘let go’ and let the Muse/the Creator “in.”

<photo & text © june maffin>

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