Welcome to this world, little one!
This world you’ve entered is big – very big!
It has trees and animals, plants and bugs,
galaxies and planets, rivers and oceans,
stars and suns, fish and flowers
and people.   :-)

People who speak different languages
… and people who can’t speak at all.
People who have different-shaped and different-coloured eyes
… and some who have none.
People who are tall
… while some are not.
People with red hair, brown, white, yellow, black and colours in-between
… and some with none
People with red skin, brown skin, black skin, yellow skin, white skin
… and shades in-between.

This world you’ve entered is God’s creation.
It’s exciting … and full of wonder!
But it’s not nearly as exciting
… as it will be
It’s not nearly as wonder-filled
… as it could be.
You see, the world is waiting
… waiting for you to grow and learn
… waiting for you to become a boy, then a teen, then a man
who will make a difference!

Welcome to this world, little one!

Photo and Text © june maffin SOULartISTRY www.soulistry.com
in celebration and thanksgiving for the safe arrival of Caleb, our eighth great-grandchild.



There are times when I’m sick of words.
Words that people use to explain their lies.
Words that people use to defend their indefensible position.
Words that belittle, abuse, mock, harass, demean, bully, disrespect.
Yes, there are times when my soul resonates with Julie Andrews in ‘My Fair Lady’
when she sang “Words, words.  I’m so sick of words” and with
author and theologian Matthew Fox who wrote that
“Silence gives way for Spirit to arrive.”
I like that.

A lot.

It leads me to ponder a possibility – a challenge – a hope – a prayer
… people would turn off/unplug the tv, computer, radio, iphone, ipod, ipad, CD player
for one hour each day

and in that one hour
be silent
and not involved in words (vocal, text, email, internet).In that hour, what would we do?We would “do” nothing.We would simply “be.”
… be present to the still, small Voice within.
… be present to the sounds of Nature’s joy.
… be present to the silence.We would give space for Spirit to arrive .Our soul would be more open as silence gives way for Spirit to arrive.

Calligraphy © Alice Young (www.calligraphy.ca)
Text © June Maffin  (SOULartISTRY   www.soulistry.com)



a drive down a road not travelled
brought discovery
a chair by the river that called and spoke … come
release worry

bless-ed chair
bless-ed trees
bless-ed river
bless-ed peace
bless-ed moment-in-time
bless-ed unexpected discovery

photo & text © june maffin  SOULartISTRY   www.soulistry.com





Her face lit up when we shared a moment-in-time today.
She, in her mid 70’s, was looking at summer tops and slacks.
She was wearing beige slacks, beige top and black jacket with black purse and black shoes.
The clothing she was looking at? Black sweater, beige slacks, black top.

I could “see” her in lovely pastels but all she was looking at was … black, beige and more of the same.

I quietly asked “What do you think of this colour?”
Her reply – “So lovely for you, dear. But not for me.”
She had given me an opening – and so I gently asked – “Why not?”
Her reply – “I’m old.”
I picked up two pastel blouses – lilac and peach – and asked her to come with me to the mirror.
I think she thought I was going to try them on and wanted her opinion.
She was half right. I wanted her opinion … but not for me – for her.

I tucked them under her chin and she smiled – and looked at me and said “I’m too old.”
And then she looked again.
And smiled.
We chatted a bit.
She confided that she hated wearing black and beige, but those were what old people wore
and she didn’t want to have people think she was trying to be young again.

And then, after she held up the coloured shirts a few more times and could see they brought colour to her face and (maybe it was my imagination, but she stood straighter when they were under her chin), before I knew it, she had purchased them both.    :-)

As she went out the store with a lovely, big smile on her face wearing the peach-coloured shirt, she said
“A difference – you have made a difference.”

Nawww, it wasn’t me – it was her.
For in that moment, she decided to wear colour and enjoy her life … every moment of life.
And yes, I’m *sure* she was walking straighter as she walked out of the store.
Those colours really suited her.
She took a risk – and made a difference.

<update: The story is true.  The photo is not of the woman in the story but permission has been granted to use the photo for this story by a lovely septuagenarian (75 years young!) woman who loves colour – and life!>

photo & text © june maffin  SOULartISTRY   www.soulistry.com



“How can terrible events happening around the world be seen from a spiritual perspective?”
Not an easy question.

But for me, the word ‘hope’ comes to mind as I remember
… a young girl who wrote “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart …. if I look up into the heavens, I think that it will all come right, and that this cruelty will end, and that peace and tranquility will return again” in her journal.
In spite of everything, in the midst of World War 11, hiding in an attic, Anne Frank had hope.

… words written on the wall of a prison camp: “I believe in the sun, even when it’s not shining.  I believe in the stars, even when I see them not. I believe in God, even when God is silent.”
In spite of everything happening in Dachau’s concentration camp during WW11, someone had hope.

… six crudely printed words “Life is a gift from God” on a wall in a very small room in a refugee centre where 
four young women taught songs to pre-school malnourished, sickly and orphaned children. No room to sit in the noisy, hot, humid, dusty and impossibly crowded room, yet the children sang and moved spontaneously with joy!
In spite of everything happening in Sri Lanka, a country torn apart by civil war, someone had hope.

In spite of everything.
In the midst of
a terrifying yesterday
a bleak, and often hungry, today
a potentially fearful tomorrow

In each of these situations, there was hope!
Anne Frank’s words – words of hope.
The Dachau prisoner’s words – words of hope.
The Sri Lankan’s words – words of hope.

Though our future may seem bleak, frightening to some,
we must allow the hope of those in seemingly hopeless situations in the past,
to speak hope to our present situation.
Let us hold onto the words of a young girl and may there be hope
“in spite of everything.”

Photo & Text © june maffin
SOULartISTRY      www.soulistry.comappleblossom2



Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote
“Earth’s crammed with heaven
each common bush aflame with God
Yet only he (sic) who sees, take off his (sic) shoes.”

If Divine Presence is everywhere (“every common bush”)
then can it be surmised that there is *nowhere* that God isn’t?

I love the word ‘nowhere’.
It can say “no where” (it cannot be found)
It can say “now here” (it is evident)

Many want to believe in miracles. yet few believe they exist.
To them, miracles are “no where.”
Maybe they are looking for the magnificent, the stupendous, the WOW
and miss the miracle-in-the-ordinary – the “now here.”

When we take our shoes off and become like a child about to wade into a cool brook
we see … the minnows in the water … the eagle flying overhead … the smile on the faces of those around us
… the Divine in the ordinary, the commonplace, the mundane, the “every common bush.”

Which is it for you … are miracles “no where” or “now here”?
Shoes on?  Shoes off?

Artwork & Text © june maffin   SOULartiSTRY   www.soulistry.com

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