the quality of
… broken or damaged
… delicate or vulnerable
… wounded or weak
is experienced every day
in some way
by some one.

No matter how it is experienced
physically or emotionally or spiritually
fragility intrudes
the economy
the environment
the political world

We want to live in a world
healthy and durable and strong.
Not fragile.
We want to perceive ourselves
and be perceived as
healthy and durable and strong.
Not fragile.

life can be
life is

Changes in weather can cause
flights to be cancelled
breathing to be compromised
homes to be damaged
people to be injured or killed.

People don’t listen.
Feelings are hurt.
Misunderstandings happen.
Relationships end.

Illness – accidents – violence – happen.
The body succumbs.
Death results.

The voice of reason
is silenced by greed, ambition, egotism
Democracy begins to fade.

Fragility can be also be a metaphor

Grief may cause our heart to break – fragility.
But the toughest of our muscles
the heart, pumps blood through the body
day in, day out
every moment and every day of life.
Hearts are strong and resilient.
We are too.

Eggshells are easily broken – fragility.
But put a raw egg in its shell in the palm of a hand
and squeeze.
It cannot be broken.
Eggshells are strong under compression.
We are too.

Butterflies are delicate – fragility.
But meteorologist Edward Norton Lorenz believed that
the minor perturbation of the flapping of a distant butterfly’s wings
could influence a hurricane, weeks later.
Butterflies can have a powerful effect.
We can too.

One day, this oh-so-delicate-and-fragile
appeared while I was weeding the veggie beds
and then quickly blew away.
It left an impact on my soul.
We can leave an impact on the soul of another.

We may not feel strong.
We may not be powerful.
We may see ourselves
… others may see us
broken or damaged
delicate or vulnerable
wounded or weak.

But there is more to us.
There is more to us than
our fragility.
Far more.

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As I looked through the patio door,
I saw her.
Ms. Squirrel.
She was eating the seed I’d put out for the birds.
I grabbed my purse and muttered
“I see you! Those seeds are *not* yours!
They’re for the birds.  Your food is over there.”
Did she listen to me?
Of course not.
She was on a mission.
She needed to find food to store for the winter.

So Ms. Squirrel
stuffed seeds into her cheek pouches
and stuffed some more and more and more
quickly … very quickly.

As I quietly inched my way closer to the patio door to take her photo

she stopped
– looked up
– waited.
I stopped moving.

Not sensing danger
Ms. Squirrel began to stuff her pouches with more
and more and more and more
quickly … very quickly.

I inched forward a bit more
camera poised.
Ms Squirrel stopped – looked up – waited.
I stopped moving.

We danced this dance for a minute or two
and before she darted away
I took her photo.
Today, Ms. Squirrel came for a visit
stuffed her cheek pouches
and brought a huge smile to my face.
She also brought a reminder that
winter is coming.
Many will be hungry
… not just squirrels.The birds will need us.
The squirrels will need us.
Our local Food Banks will need us.

Thank you for your visit, today, Ms. Squirrel
and for your gentle reminder.

photos and text © june maffin    www.soulistry.com/blog   www.soulistry.com


there’s a word for you
an oxymoron if you will
… a figure of speech in which two opposite ideas are joined to create an effect.

how can something be ‘sweet’
and at the same time, be ‘bitter’

how about the time when your child
went off to kindergarten for the first time
or graduated high school
or left home for college
or got married
… ‘sweet’ – because you’re happy they’re growing up
… ‘bitter’ – because you realize that your child is moving away from you
b  i  t  t  e  r  s  w  e  e  t

what about a wedding anniversary when your beloved spouse has died
… ‘sweet’ – because there is no more suffering
… ‘bitter’ – because you wanted many more years together
b  i  t  t  e  r  s  w  e  e  t

the month of October is the hiatus
between the sweet summer and bitter winter
b  i  t  t  e  r  s  w  e  e  t

life is full of bittersweet moments
how do we deal with them
how do we let them into our lives
but not
take over our lives

it may be easier to push those moments down or away
but there is no resolution or healing in ignoring our emotional response

it may not be easy to focus on the ‘bitter’
it may not be easy to 
acknowledge the reality of the moment
but when we do, we are free to discover the sweetness
… the pride felt as our child faced the milestones of their growing-up years
… the joy felt as our spouse shared a love that transcended words

life can be bittersweet
and it’s up to us to determine how it ultimately resolves itself in our soul
bitter or sweet

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It’s been said that bad things come in three’s.
I’m not superstitious and would rather look at the blessings of three’s:

… the three storms of the weekend have come and gone.
While their fury raged, damage was done, power went out,
and for most people, it was more threatening than damaging.
BLESSING RECEIVED: acknowledgement that fear is real
but doesn’t have to absorb all of our focus and energy.

…  the nasty bug that began on Friday began to abate a few days later.
The sore throat is gone, fever only in the afternoon and evening
and even though the coughing continues, I anticipate it’ll leave sooner than later.
BLESSING RECEIVED: A lovely memory of Mom and her delicious chicken soup
brought me into the kitchen to whip up a tasty (and healing) chicken soup
that helped use leftover rice, cauliflower, peas, lentils and roasted chicken.

… the injured back that prevented me from participating in a workshop
and begin a calligraphy class series began to respond to three days
of rest, relaxation, ice packs, heating pad – and play!
BLESSING RECEIVED: Play helps refocus attention away from the back spasms and pain.
Thanks to Linda Goralski who posted about paper wreaths last week, I had a new paper design
to play with in my recliner chair over the weekend. The result: 18 paper wreaths that will find
their way into Christmas envelopes for special friends, family and Envelope Exchange partners.

How easy it would have been to focus on the three difficult (bad) things that weekend
(storms, “bug”, injured back), but that would not change any of the situations,
Instead, for each situation, I decided to look for, consider and focus on

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Today in Canada we mark and celebrate “Thanksgiving.”
It’s a time to slow down, take a break, pause and reflect.
It’s a time for the “giving of thanks.”
My dear Soulistry friends, I give thanks for each of you
… for your comments on my Soulistry blog and Soulistry FB page
… for your emails
… and for your messages of encouragement that the Soulistry blog postings “keep on, keeping on.”

May you each experience a special blessing this day
– one that brings a gentle lift to your body, heart and mind.

With love,
June Maffin
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Thanksgiving Card 2014 for Families Father FINAL



<calligraphic artist: unknown>



I will never forget the conversation.
“You are so lucky to be a Canadian and living in Canada.
We are terrified of what will happen with our country
if Obama doesn’t get into the White House.”

The fear they expressed was palpable.
I could feel it!

That was then.
This is now.

And another Presidential election is on the radar.

This time the fear has spread far beyond the borders of the United States.
The world is watching and hopefully remembering a man who swayed the masses
into believing that he … and only he … could make their country great again.

He didn’t.

While the world seemed void of hope – then
and the world seems void of hope – now
Nature and history provide Conduits of Hope
… flowers growing in the desert … in cement … along a wooden fence
… Rosa Parks … Malala … Barack Obama and his election – twice!
Strong reminders of tenacity, courage and hope.

Conduits of hope!
They are around us.
May we look for Conduits of Hope.
May we see Conduits of Hope.
May we believe in Conduits of Hope.

© June Maffin  www.soulistry.com/blog
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