“I wish I could move beyond it!”
wrote my Facebook friend in response to my recent post that began
“How to move beyond the news coming
out of the U.S., France and the weather that is causing such devastation?”


My response may seem to be simple, perhaps even trite.
But my intention in saying “It will come, my friend. It will come”
was anything-but, because while hope seems so distant
… and at times impossible
I hold on to a hope that “moving beyond” will happen.

We must not give away any more power.
We must not give away the freedom to believe in democracy
… even it feels as if the spirit of democracy is being destroyed.

When people are, or will be, dealing with health crises
… dialysis; chemotherapy/radiation; expensive medication for pain/infection/illness;
… pregnancy; victims of domestic abuse; disability;
… injury at work/school football practice/home; slip and fall and break a hip; car accident
… hospitalization for asthma or pneumonia or mental illness or addiction or dementia;
… emergency treatment; ambulance; doctor’s visit
… and the list goes on
knowing that medical coverage may stop if the Senate approves the Bill
it is anything-but easy to hold on to a hope that “moving beyond” will happen.

And while the loss of medical coverage hasn’t yet become law for millions of people,
the threat of ‘loss’ is real and is causing sleeplessness, anger, fear.

Loss is grief
and unresolved grief
can lead to dis-ease
of the body, mind, spirit.

Acknowledging the loss
Understanding that loss brings grief
Learning about grief/loss and what to do to experience healthy grieving
Remembering to breathe.
… breathe in hope, exhale fear.
… breathe in possibility, exhale hopelessness.
… breathe in love, exhale hatred.
… breathe in energy so that the fear, hopelessness and hatred
can become catalysts for good, for love, for hope and
a bridge to “moving beyond.”


Photo & Text © June Maffin

<photo taken at Stoney Hill Regional Park
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada>

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