‎”On This Day” in 2014, I wrote about the importance of ‘breathing’ and about my friend Trish Taylor who at that time was waiting news that she would receive a double lung transfer. Trish received her surgery and is well thanks to the selfless gift of the donors, an incredible medical team, supportive and loving family and friends and prayer.

I share the original post (on Facebook’s “Soulistry” page below today
for it reminds me of
… the importance of believing in hope
… the gift of breath
… the blessing of life
… and in these difficult days with war possibly on the horizon,
it reminds me to “just breathe” — breathe in ruach; breathe in hope; breathe in life.

April 11, 2014
This afternoon was a time of focusing on breath, ruach, spirit as today was the day for my MRI appointment. Yech. Don’t want to go into that chamber. Claustrophobia – and being in a metal tube with loud noises, strapped in, unable to move – was not something I was looking forward to. At. All.

But, the test needed doing and so I took my own advice and found myself reciting Dame Julian of Norwich’s prayer “All shall be well. All shall be well. And all manner of things shall be well” over and over and over. As I focused on my breathing, I focused on the word ‘breathe,’ and gentle images that brought peace to me. In time, my breathing slowed down and the shallow breathing began to lead to healthy from-the-gut breathing.

Soon I found myself focusing on a friend who is not able to breathe as I can breathe. A wonderful calligrapher and human being, Trish Taylor was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis many years ago. It’s hereditary – tragically, her sister died from it. Trish’s lungs are barely functioning and she is now in “wait mode” for a double lung transplant.

So today, as I lay in the MRI, trying to move beyond the panic that was setting in because of the claustrophobia, I thought of Trish – and breathed for, and with, her. Slowly, deep belly breaths. That indescribable connection of “being one with another” in the spiritual sense (we live thousands of miles from one another) can only be described with the words ‘spiritual connection’.

Before I knew it, the 45 minute test was over. I was grateful. Grateful for the connection I felt with Trish during that procedure; grateful that I live in a country where MRI equipment is available; grateful that having that procedure cost me no financial outlay; grateful for DH who drove me there and back; and grateful that the test was over.

Today was a good day for me: the MRI is behind me; I connected with a friend in a very special way; I now know what to expect for the next MRI so it won’t have the power of fear over me; and my DH Hans met me after the procedure with a chocolate bar because Tim Horton’s was out of hot chocolate.

After that procedure – I needed chocolate!    And loving, thoughtful fellow that he is, he had it ready for me. That act of loving kindness reminded me of the banana split that my parents had ready for me whenever I had a tooth extracted as a kid.
Yep, it’s been a good day.

just breathe 4
Text © June Maffin

“Just Breathe” calligraphy © Trish Taylor

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