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Doors are everywhere. Some are welcoming and open and inviting. Some are works of art. Some portray histories of pain and suffering. Some are imposing and non-welcoming. Some are plain. Some are ornate. Some can lead to discovery – of something, someone, even... read more

What is it about the wet, West Coast

What is it about the Wet, West Coast of British Columbia that draws my attention? Even on rainy and overcast days, the beauty is stunning and a gentle reminder to slow down – take a break – observe – listen – be still. After a drive to Nanaimo... read more


When I saw these delicate flowers pushing through the snow, I found myself thinking about “break-throughs” in my life. As I took the photo, I made a conscious decision to try to be more attentive to break-throughs … recognize … pay attention... read more

Unconditional Love – If Only

How is unconditional love shown … in families? … in communities? … in religious and community organizations? … in work situations? … in the world? By word? Yes. By thought? Yes. By action? Yes. By the expression of the “fruit of the... read more

Sea Urchin ZenDoodle

SeaUrchinZenDoodle – welcome to 2016! You arrived without planning. You arrived as I simply doodled. You arrived most unexpectedly. I’m glad you’re here! Sweet SeaUrchin ZenDoodle, do you want some “bling” or simply continue being your... read more

SEW – Star Epiphany Words

Ahhhh, words – I love them. Every year during the Season of Epiphany (the season in Christianity that remembers the star that is said to have guided the Magi to the Christ Child), I choose my SEW (Star Epiphany Word) a word that will ‘guide’ me (as a star) in... read more

Remembering to Breathe

On this, the Tenth Day of Christmas, a gentle reminder to breathe when life becomes hectic, when worries are everpresent, when grief overwhelms, and when political situations seem overwhelming. Many people take the gift of breath for granted.  Those with asthma etc.,... read more

Hardening of our Spiritual Arteries

Hardening of the arteries happens when blood vessels become narrow and hardened cholesterol deposits clog the system. On this Eleventh Day of Christmas, I find myself pondering about a global hardening of the spiritual arteries. The ‘narrowing’ of minds... read more


Why do we allow society to dictate what is beautiful, of value, worthwhile … and what is not? For me, Reginald reflects Margaret Wolfe Hungerford’s famous words that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I know – Reginald is plain, ordinary … and some... read more

Chronos and Kairos

A new year is here! How will we spend our time in the New Year? What will we do with the precious 24 hours of each day ahead of us for the next 52 weeks – those 3,760 hours? Will we be good caretakers/stewards of the time given us? The Greeks used two words to explain... read more

Let’s Go A-Milking

Today is not only the first day of a new year, it’s the Eighth Day of Christmas and its gift is about “Eight Maids a-Milking” Milk is a powerful symbol within most cultural traditions, often considered to be a sign of ‘abundance’. This Eighth Day of Christmas is... read more

The Not-Yet-Opened Gift

On this, the Seventh Day of Christmas, it is good to remember the gift that comes our way on each of the seven days of the week. What opportunities will we meet in the coming days? Will we allow those opportunities to be transformed in our lives … be possibilities for... read more

Sixth Day of Christmas

On this, the Sixth Day of Christmas, “six geese a-laying” were given as a gift. Perhaps the symbolism of the number six can provide an opportunity to consider the gift-interconnection of religions, cultures, mathematics, music, science and sports. The number six... read more

Five Golden Rings

May this, the Fifth Day of Christmas, find you encircled by Five Golden Rings of … peace … joy … love … hope … patience PEACE that passes understanding JOY of living life to the fullest LOVE that is unconditional HOPE that never stops and PATIENCE for it all to... read more

‘Colly’ Words To New Beginnings

May your Fourth Day of Christmas be blessed as you ‘call’ gentle words of affirmation to yourself … gently encouraging your spirit to be aware of the gift that you are whether you know it, whether you feel it, whether you have been told it – or... read more

A Christmas Voice

On this, the Third Day of the Season of Christmas, I wish you a Christmas Voice … a voice that would sing for the voiceless in the world … a voice that would write letters to the editor of your local paper … a voice that would let your elected... read more

Moment of Reflection

It was Christmas night and there was a full moon. As I took different photos of the same moon, I found myself delighting in the wonder of the globe in the sky that shone so brightly until hidden by the clouds. It was a moment of reflection about how often our light is... read more

Season of Wonder

Ahhh, the wonder of every day lived with gratitude. Christmas – regardless of our belief or disbelief, let us celebrate the Season of Wonder. The wonder of magic. The wonder of gratitude. The wonder of Christmas. ‘Tis the Season of Wonder. <© june... read more

Peace on Earth This Night

May the wishes of this Christmas card come to fruition for all. Whether you are beginning celebrations of Christmas this night in the Southern Hemisphere or tomorrow night in the Northern Hemisphere, my little Christmas card this year reflects a very simple wish /... read more

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