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Through a cloud of sadness, love shines. Long before I knew him, our paths began to intersect. Some call it “fate”; some call it “co-incidence.” We called it “Divine Love.” In Montreal, he and his family lived … about three... read more


Birthdays are supposed to be happy days … times of celebration and memories that bring a smile to the face. But not always. This year’s birthday brought me echoes of words spoken that day last year by my husband’s doctor: … “esophageal... read more


I smile a lot … I can’t help it. When I’m in the garden I can feel a smile begin to form on my face as … flowers bloom … strawberries bear fruit … bird-gifts blossom and I wonder “what will you become?”    ... read more


Has this ever happened to you? Life is going along … a few hiccups here … a few hiccups there. But then a curveball comes … out of nowhere! Has it ever happened to you? Of course it has. Life … wouldn’t be life without curveballs.... read more


“Miss Pudgy Angel – it’s time for you to come and lift us out of the fear many are feeling these days.” This night, I want to share a story a true story about *Miss Pudgy Angel.* Many are feeling fear these days … fear of “what... read more


No reason. I didn’t create Ms. DinoCritter for … a reason … or purpose … or underscore a message I created her simply … to play. Play with … shapes and colours and new techniques Play without … care for the outcome Play to... read more


The word ‘love’ is used a lot. … even Facebook has an emoji to express love of a comment. But what is love? Poets have “waxed eloquent” about love for centuries. … Elizabeth Barrett Browning spoke of loving to “the depth and... read more


faces of dear friends dealing with the beast of cancer came to mind as heron arrived on the rock gently landing before me … place of sacred peace one dear friend is exhausted … and has decided against further chemo one was told that “nothing more can be done” … and is... read more


There are times when words make me sick … words that people use to explain their lies … words that people use to defend their indefensible position … words that belittle, abuse, mock, harass, demean, bully, disrespect. My soul resonates with author... read more


A kaleidoscopic tumbling of emotions pierce conversations and thoughts as … yet another terrorist attack happens … and another … and another civil unrest around the world escalates natural disasters seem undeterred medical issues cause confusion and... read more


“Don’t be surprised at the fiery ordeals taking place among you.” Talk about timely  … and relevant. Written a very, very long time ago those words are found in the New Testament (1 Peter 4:12) and considering what has been happening in the world recently “fiery... read more


we hugged at the top of the front porch steps. then, with a smile and a “Bye, Mom, I’m off!” he ventured down the steps and out to the sidewalk … alone yet not alone i was three paces behind him … to catch him if he fell … to hug... read more


I’ve been thinking a lot about last weekend’s tragedy in Manchester, the vicious attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt this past week, and the three brave men who tried to thwart an anti-Muslim rant and attack on two women in Portland, Oregon this weekend.... read more


Welcome to this world, little one! This world you’ve entered is big – very big! It has trees and animals, plants and bugs, galaxies and planets, rivers and oceans, stars and suns, fish and flowers and people.   🙂 People who speak different languages... read more

“MAY …”

May the sun … bring new energy by day. May the moon … softly restore by night. May the rain … wash away worries. May the breeze … blow new strength into your being. And may you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life.               ... read more


Our spirit grieves. People ache at the terrorism the escalation of economic consequences the racial discrimination and inequity the religious persecution the political rhetoric the misogyny the emotional, physical and spiritual damage done by hatred. Our spirit... read more


a drive down a road not travelled discovery a chair by the river that called and spoke come sit rest gaze ponder exhale-worry question dream write sketch inhale-peace feel believe be bless-ed chair bless-ed trees bless-ed river bless-ed peace bless-ed sabbath moment... read more


It’s not an easy question … “How can terrible events happening around the world be seen from a spiritual perspective?” Perhaps the answer can begin to be found in the words of others. Hiding in an attic in the midst of anticipated discovery at any... read more


The word ‘evil’ is spoken a lot these days … by many people … for many reasons. It comes to us … on tv … in face-to-face conversations … through phone calls … via text messages, FB posts, messages and emails … and even handwritten correspondence Not just by... read more


A phrase in Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” has been on my mind lately. It’s a phrase used to describe … corruption … a situation in which something is wrong. Terribly wrong. While the country I’m thinking of is not... read more

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