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Welcome to this world, little one! This world you’ve entered is big – very big! It has trees and animals, plants and bugs, galaxies and planets, rivers and oceans, stars and suns, fish and flowers and people.   People who speak different languages …... read more


There are times when I’m sick of words. Words that people use to explain their lies. Words that people use to defend their indefensible position. Words that belittle, abuse, mock, harass, demean, bully, disrespect. Yes, there are times when my soul resonates... read more


a drive down a road not travelled brought discovery a chair by the river that called and spoke … come sit rest gaze ponder exhale release worry question dream write sketch inhale peace feel believe be bless-ed chair bless-ed trees bless-ed river bless-ed peace... read more


Her face lit up when we shared a moment-in-time today. She, in her mid 70’s, was looking at summer tops and slacks. She was wearing beige slacks, beige top and black jacket with black purse and black shoes. The clothing she was looking at? Black sweater, beige... read more


“How can terrible events happening around the world be seen from a spiritual perspective?” Not an easy question. But for me, the word ‘hope’ comes to mind as I remember … a young girl who wrote “In spite of everything, I still... read more


Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote “Earth’s crammed with heaven each common bush aflame with God Yet only he (sic) who sees, take off his (sic) shoes.” If Divine Presence is everywhere (“every common bush”) then can it be surmised that... read more


“Create” she said with enthusiasm as I took my first-ever painting course. I looked at the black piece of paper and was numb. “Create?  Create what?” “Let it flow.  Put paint on brush, brush on paper.  See what happens.”... read more


our mind is like a garden where our thoughts are the seeds we can grow flowers or we can grow weeds Mother Nature provides the challenge which do we allow to grow most in our mind our heart our soul in our words our thoughts our actions about others about ourselves... read more


I was in awe when this exquisite flower first opened its petals and awe filled my heart even more as raindrops fell leaving their mark on the exquisite petals tenderly embracing gently blessing its fragile petals when raindrops of sorrow touch our bodies, minds, souls... read more

Three Questions

Three questions … – What is knowledge? – What is wisdom? – What is philosophy? How about this … – Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. – Wisdom is not putting the tomato in a fruit salad. – And philosophy is... read more


The tulips in our kitchen window won’t last long. Their silent beauty, gentle reflective presence, and oh-so-inviting colour move me to a place of pensive thought each time I am at the kitchen sink and once again I am grateful and humbled by the gifts of Mother... read more


In many parts of the world, it’s springtime – a Season when nature wonderfully presents symbols of life, birth, beginnings.  In spite of that, too many dear ones have died, are dying, been institutionalized, diagnosed with major illness and we too face our... read more


Sunny. It’s a name that suits my friend well. Her easy, friendly manner encourages smiling responses in those she meets. Her patient, open acceptance of others, her loving nature and grace blesses those who encounter her. She brings sunshine in her every step. Yes,... read more


… when darkness comes and fear of the unknown reigns … when pain persists and fear of the unknown reigns … when sleepless nights are commonplace and fear of the unknown reigns … i invite and welcome release … i invite and welcome relief... read more


Ever have a day when memories of someone special, who is no longer alive, surfaced in your heart and mind? It’s not their birthday or any particular occasion that would bring them to mind – yet you feel their loving presence and find yourself grateful for... read more


There they were — mama and little ones, crossing the road. I didn’t see them, but my dear husband did. He stopped the car to let them pass <whew!>. “Quick – get the camera!” he said. I wasn’t really quick enough to capture... read more


Being born … takes courage. Growing up … takes courage. Getting old … takes courage. Living in this world of terrorism and constant threat of war, environmental destruction and nuclear explosion … takes courage. Dying … takes courage.... read more


This weekend, with Good Friday and Easter Sunday being celebrated by millions around the world, symbols of death and life have been poignant reminders of the fragility of life. In the midst of life and the joy that many are feeling this Easter day, came news of death.... read more


This morning, it felt damp. It was cold. It was overcast. And, it was beautiful. At this morning’s Easter Sunrise Service by water’s edge, people gathered to sing, praise, dance, pray, share Hot Cross Buns, hot chocolate and coffee and mini chocolate... read more


In the Christian tradition, the Day / Season of Easter is about rebirth … new life resurrection … starting-over making everything new. Ajay Sadh wrote that “What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked... read more

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