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‘Trigger Moments’ – those unexpected moments that arrive unexpectedly, ambush us without consent, and bring us back to a time and place with a loved one who has died. Those moments can be sweet and at the same time, they can cause deep pain, intensifying our... read more


My DH Hans and I shared the same philosophy about life … and death. We believe that “we all come to this world to learn; do our part in making this world a better place through actions, words and thoughts of lovingkindness; create, play and celebrate life;... read more


Mother Nature gifts us with spectacular colours, shapes, intricate designs such as this Martha Washington Geranium (aka ‘Pelagonium’) we spotted at the top of the Malahat Mountain on Vancouver Island reminding us that beauty, hope, life are all around... read more


Whether we want it to, or not. Whether we welcome it, or not. Whether we celebrate it, or not. Aging happens. *Growing old* is different. Growing old is more than chronology. Growing old is about attitude and growing old is about play. When we stop playing, we stop... read more


I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately.  Blessed to be married to the love of my life, as singer Tom Jones sang, love was “in the air” in our home on a daily basis.   The ‘gentle-giant-of-a-born-in-Holland-man’, Hans van der Werff and I met late... read more


Through a cloud of sadness, love shines.     Long before I knew him, our paths began to intersect. Some call it “fate”; some call it “co-incidence.” We called it “Divine Love.” In Montreal, he and his family lived about... read more


Gifts – what are they? Things contained in pretty paper? Something else? For many years, I kept a “Gratitude Jar.” Each day of the year I noted something on a piece of paper for which I was grateful … some thing … some person … some... read more


Okay, lesson learned … Next year, the cherry tree will be have CD’s hanging from the branches or the tree will be draped with netting. Decided against doing either on this year. Wrong decision. The birds got to the cherries before we did. And one. One... read more


Has this ever happened to you? Life is going along – a few hiccups here, a few hiccups there – but then a curveball comes out of nowhere! Has it ever happened to you?  Of course it has. Life wouldn’t be life without some curveballs. Sometimes the... read more


“Miss Pudgy Angel – it’s time for you to come and lift us out of the fear many are feeling these days.”   Many are feeling fear these days – fear of terrorists, fear of flying, fear of a soon-to-be-pronounced medical diagnosis, fear of an... read more


Once upon a time … yes – this is a story.  🙂 Once upon a time, a donkey fell down a well. The animal cried and cried and cried – for hours. The farmer tried to help but … he decided the animal was old and it wasn’t worth his time and energy to save the... read more


A “Poohian Theology of Music“? Yes, ‘Poohiah,’ because it was a most unexpected theologian by the name of Winnie the Pooh who once said “Poetry and Hums aren’t things which you get.  They’re things which get you. All you have to do is go where... read more


The ABOUT-TO stages in life are precious and life-changing for both … the one who is ABOUT-TO … and the parent who watches the unfolding of their child’s next ABOUT-TO. First: the ABOUT-TO be born stage … the first awareness of the life carried... read more


A kaleidoscopic tumbling of emotions pierce conversations and thoughts as … civil unrest around the world continues to escalate … natural disasters seem undeterred … medical issues cause confusion and fear of the unknown … media’s negativity barrages... read more


Have you ever wondered how to make a wise decision? how to know which direction to go when faced with more than one possibility? how to discern the will of God? how to determine the way to go re: medical decision?  possible move?  job?  vote?  finances?  relationship?... read more


we hugged at the top of the front porch steps. then, with a smile and a “Bye, Mom, I’m off!” he ventured down the steps and out to the sidewalk alone yet not alone i was three paces behind him to catch him if he fell to hug him if he felt afraid to... read more


Welcome to this world, little one! This world you’ve entered is big – very big! It has trees and animals, plants and bugs, galaxies and planets, rivers and oceans, stars and suns, fish and flowers and people.   🙂 People who speak different languages... read more


There are times when I’m sick of words. Words that people use to explain their lies. Words that people use to defend their indefensible position. Words that belittle, abuse, mock, harass, demean, bully, disrespect. Yes, there are times when my soul resonates... read more


a drive down a road not travelled brought discovery a chair by the river that called and spoke … come sit rest gaze ponder exhale release worry question dream write sketch inhale peace feel believe be bless-ed chair bless-ed trees bless-ed river bless-ed peace... read more


Her face lit up when we shared a moment-in-time today. She, in her mid 70’s, was looking at summer tops and slacks. She was wearing beige slacks, beige top and black jacket with black purse and black shoes. The clothing she was looking at? Black sweater, beige... read more

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