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Thinking about last night’s election results from the Land of Cotton reminded me of the children’s story “The Little Engine That Could.” The little train engine was at the bottom of a big hill and doubted he could climb to the top. But as he kept repeating the words... read more


“Is Santa real?” “Does Santa exist? “Is there really a Santa Claus?” How many times has a child asked such questions? Countless! Santa is each of us. When we are able to … encourage … affirm … accept … love others... read more

“DEEP PEACE” – Advent 2

In many parts of the world, the theme for the Second Week of Advent which this year begins tomorrow is PEACE. How timely! Especially given the lack-of-peace around the world. Peace is but a single word but when echoed by many it can become a rallying cry for harmony... read more


She appeared out of nowhere. I didn’t intend to create her. The doodled angel emerged for me unplanned, unexpected. It was a mystery. It was a gift. As I thought about and prayed for friends going through a difficult time and about the fear and grief and anger... read more

“IS HOPE EVER OVER? – Advent 1”

Is hope ever ‘over’? The theme for the First Sunday of Advent is ‘hope’. As I write this, the First Sunday of Advent is almost over. Can that mean that ‘hope’ is almost over?   With the turmoil on the news and the turmoil in... read more


This time of the year in many parts of the world evening skies don’t reveal gorgeous sunsets birds are seldom seen flying overhead dotting the horizon. There’s really nothing spectacular in the sky. And maybe maybe … that’s the wonder of it... read more


Advent is coming.  It begins this Sunday for many … four precious weeks which begin a gentle countdown to Christmas when waiting, anticipation and preparation for Christmas become the focus as themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love are observed. While Advent is... read more


As I walked through the halls of the Holocaust Museum in Orlando, Florida yesterday, and as I stood in silence on Remembrance Day a few days ago in British Columbia, I was reminded of other wars, other moments in time, other places of terror and suffering: Beirut,... read more


On November 11th each year communities across Canada gather at local Cenotaphs people take a moment where they live, work, go to school to remember. Remember the sacrifice of those who have served, suffered, died on lands far away who have served, suffered, died here... read more


What do you do when you’re stressed? Or bored, frustrated, grieving, angry, sad, lonely, in pain? What do you do for fun, for challenge, etc.? For me, I play. Well, to be honest I create. Something. Sometimes that creativity happens in the kitchen with food.... read more


A long time ago, a child lived while the world around her exploded. One man had risen to power. A man who hated.  And lied.  And evil spread through his actions. A man who encouraged and convinced others to hate.   And lie. And spread evil through their actions. Soon... read more


I’ve been hearing it a lot lately. “I’m tired.  I’m weary.  I’m exhausted.” There is a sense of fatigue that goes beyond the physical. It goes beyond the emotional. It goes beyond the intellectual. As news of terrorist attacks,... read more


it’s snowing … has been most of the day gently dropping light flakes from the sky over flowers that seem to be in a petrified state by last night’s frost. power remains on fireplace glows with soft light and gentle warmth soup bubbles on the stove... read more


First power outage of the season today. How quickly the house got cold! But it was great preparation before the next power outage because it will happen. And before it does there’s time to review and take care of * recliner chair back-up battery system that didn’t... read more


November, welcome! You bring wind. You bring rain. In this part of the world you mark the end of the harvest  and the beginning of the season of Winter. November is a time of slowing down making and eating comfort foods curling up by the fire getting lost in a great... read more


“Trick or Treat!” they shout as the door opens and they hold open their bags. “I’ve got the treats. What trick or song or dance or joke or riddle can you give?”  Silence. Giggles. Happy faces on accompanying parents. And then the jokes come. The dancing feet tap. The... read more


How I love the ornamental cherry tree in our front yard. In the springtime, its blossoms are bountiful. Beauty!   In winter, its branches bend as snow falls. Beauty! In summer, its leaves invite all to experience its shade. Beauty!   And now, as it sheds its... read more


Today … it will be sunny. Today … it will be windy. Today … the leaves will dance. Today … I will dance and smile. Thank you, Mother Nature, for the dance. 💓💓💓 © June Maffin read more


Ahhhh, the wrinkles … are definitely here. The aging process hasn’t ignored me. But that’s okay as I like to think that wrinkles are an indicator that I smile often. And why wouldn’t I smile? I have so much for which to be grateful. I’ve... read more


May the Creator of these lovely flowers standing tall in the gentle breeze at day’s end bless those … who live with chronic illness … await word from the doctor … anticipate a trip to ER … face an unknown tomorrow … deal with... read more

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