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I didn’t see much of the eclipse … or so I thought. A friend and I were on the back deck with the computer on the table chatting, visiting, sipping tea watching the NASA feed on the computer. “When will it happen?” we wondered. The computer... read more


I remember a stormy night the likes of which I’d not seen in many years. Thunder and lightening … more thunder and lightening … and heavy, non-stopping rain. And the sky? … the sky was beautiful! I didn’t even think of taking a photo of... read more


Don’t know about you but there’s just too much hate happening these days. So let’s balance things out. Let’s plant LoveSeeds! Let’s sprinkle a bit of … loving kindness … loving thought … loving prayer … loving... read more


Long ago, when monks transcribed manuscripts by hand, mistakes were made because the language of the time had no punctuation. So, letter after letter was strung together with other letters … with no capitalization to indicate a new sentence/thought) and this... read more


Whether we want it to, or not. Whether we welcome it, or not. Whether we celebrate it, or not. Aging happens. *Growing old* is different. Growing old is more than chronology. Growing old is about attitude and is about play. When we stop playing, we stop delighting in... read more


Embracing spiritual concepts and peaceful ways the Toltec people of southern Mexico around 900 A.D. considered all of life to be part of the Great Mystery … science and spirit were seen to be part of the same entity. Even though the Toltec culture left no... read more


When I was a child living in Montreal, I remember we would call my mother’s parents in Florida once a month and use an egg timer – yes, literally an egg timer! – to make certain the phone call didn’t go over our family’s three minute... read more

” tomorrows”

people ache at the escalation of ~ political deception and lies ~ racial inequity ~ economic consequences ~ bullying ~ religious persecution ~ sexism ~ cultural confusion ~ injustice ~ hatred and more spirits grieve and minds shut down hold on to beliefs without... read more


This night, I light a candle for the people of the United States. Many are bereft at today’s news and find fear the occupier of their thoughts. This night, I light a candle for the people of the United States. May fear of “what next” be balanced with... read more


There she was … strutting her stuff across the street looking oh-so-certain of her destination. Then she stopped. She didn’t move … at all. Camera in hand, I watched her … watching me. Ms. Black Cat and Groucho Marx …”A black cat... read more


A friend has just had her life disrupted and it’s not been a ‘good’ disruption. She wrote that she was “coming home on water” (back to Vancouver Island via ferry) and as my photo of boats in Cowichan Bay came to mind the following prayer... read more


When chaos pervades may breaths be deep fears be released peace enfold hope sustain wisdom surface courage be given and boldness to face to confront to challenge replenish souls. Photo & Text © June Maffin read more


I almost missed them … but then I saw them. “Hello there” I said ever so quietly. As I moved closer looked at the baby swallows perched inside a rolled-up carpet in a friend’s carport, they came closer and closer to the edge and looked back at... read more


A friend made a mistake that proved to be costly … financially and emotionally. She became angry and upset with herself. Recently I made a mistake and the words I’d written to her … “I want you to take a deep breath. … I want you to stop dumping on... read more


“Goldilocks” who would have thought that playing with tjanting tools, wax, Procion dyes and Arches Text Wove paper for this birthday card for a lovely DIL recently reminded me of the children’s “Goldilocks” story. My brain – gives... read more


When I transplanted the bleeding hearts last year I didn’t think they would “take” in their new location. Oh me of little faith! But they survived the transplant and blossomed this year. And each time I walk by them I am encouraged to remember all... read more


Proud to be a Canadian? … Yep. Happy to be a Canadian? … Very much. Grateful to be a Canadian? … Understatement Wherever you are however you will be marking the 150th anniversary of this country there is much that is good in spite of the frustrations... read more


in first blossoms a sense of the sacred emerges … glimpse of hope           Text & Photo © June Maffin <Photo taken of strawberry blossoms in the back yard... read more


Sweet hummingbird how can I not be fascinated by you … by your grace, your beauty, your agility. You bring peace. You bring joy. You are a gentle reminder of the wonder of the cycle of life. I honour you and thank you for being such a wonder-filled subject for... read more


Through a cloud of sadness, love shines. Long before I knew him, our paths began to intersect. Some call it “fate”; some call it “co-incidence.” We called it “Divine Love.”  In Montreal, he and his family lived … about... read more

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