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bittersweet there’s a word for you an oxymoron if you will … a figure of speech in which two opposite ideas are joined to create an effect. how can something be ‘sweet’ and at the same time, be ‘bitter’ how about the time when your child went off to kindergarten for... read more


It’s been said that bad things come in three’s. I’m not superstitious and would rather look at the blessings of three’s: … the three storms of the weekend have come and gone. While their fury raged, damage was done, power went out, and... read more


Today in Canada we mark and celebrate “Thanksgiving.” It’s a time to slow down, take a break, pause and reflect. It’s a time for the “giving of thanks.”   My dear Soulistry friends, I give thanks for each of you … for your... read more


I will never forget the conversation. “You are so lucky to be a Canadian and living in Canada. We are terrified of what will happen with our country if Obama doesn’t get into the White House.” The fear they expressed was palpable. I could feel it!... read more


Bought some flower seeds. Mixed the flower seeds. Put them into a container. Shook the container. Sprinkled the seeds in the garden. Didn’t know what they were except they were grown locally and had   g  r  e  a  t    potential to transform the back yard and... read more


strong trees standing on the edge of fresh running water … life leaves falling to their demise … death and us … what about us when we are born our address changes from “The Beyond” to “This World” when we die our address... read more


Something has changed in the back yard and it’s all good. During the summer drought no birds were in our back yard. Water and food were put out for them but no birds. Yesterday about five or six appeared. This morning, robins, hummingbirds, sparrows and... read more


There is much that is wrong, hurtful, frightening … some would say ‘evil’ in the world today What to do? A single drop of water doesn’t seem like much … by itself but we know that when droplets of water are put together, much can happen …... read more


Ahhhh, sweet organic corn on the cob from the garden. You began your life planted as kernel-seeds in trays on the dining room table which had been moved to the window to take advantage of the sun. … no special lamps for you. And still, you began to grow! Each... read more


The word ‘joy’ brings a sweet memory of a woman given two names at birth: “Gene” … her parents were expecting a boy “Dolores” … the root of which is ‘sorrow.’ Gene Dolores … not the greatest of names... read more


“How has your day been?” he asked. His name was Joe. A simple question – not the typical “How are you” that usually elicits an unauthentic response – Joe’s question had a ring of authenticity. She answered – honestly. “It’s been a... read more


While the world continues to go down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland there is, in one corner of the world an elderly woman who is celebrating life … rejoicing in who she is … delighting in colour and laughter and wonder.... read more


My name is UNFI. I’m not pretty. I’m not adorable. And I’m not finished. Far from it. I am ‘unfinished’ UNFI for short. But I am “becoming” finished. So are you, dear reader, for … none of us has yet... read more


Sweet little bee, so industrious, so intense I expected you to fly away when I leaned in to take your picture. But you didn’t. You kept “doing your thing” … working … burrowing your head … sipping sweet nectar from the flower in the... read more


As the bird appeared on the beach, a lovely scene unfolded before me. As I stepped out of the car to take this photo, the sun began to set. It was a peaceful time, a quiet moment, a gentle experience of Love. I wondered “what will Tomorrow bring?”Not just Tomorrow of... read more


I peered through the no-longer-existing wire fence, looked beyond the tall weeds and grass to the farmhouse that was beginning to tilt and thought “What stories that building could tell!” Like … tales of a long-ago time when it stood tall and erect providing... read more


The rains of the Almost-Fall season have arrived bringing a reminder that rain can bring life to rivers hope to parched lands growth to plants, shrubs, trees, vegetables and fruit; bringing a reminder that rain can bring flooding, devastation, destruction and even... read more


Fall is here. The signs abound in Nature. The signs abound within us as we move into and through the Fall Season of our Lives. There are times when we feel alive and vibrant in body, mind and spirit. There are times when we realize that the withering of skin the... read more


‘Trigger Moments’ – those unexpected moments that arrive unexpectedly, ambush us without consent, and bring us back to a time and place with a loved one who has died. Those moments can be sweet and at the same time, they can cause deep pain, intensifying our... read more


My DH Hans and I shared the same philosophy about life … and death. We believe that “we all come to this world to learn; do our part in making this world a better place through actions, words and thoughts of lovingkindness; create, play and celebrate life;... read more

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