It’s been said that bad things come in three’s.
I’m not superstitious and would rather look at the blessings of three’s:

… the three storms of the weekend have come and gone.
While their fury raged, damage was done, power went out,
and for most people, it was more threatening than damaging.
BLESSING RECEIVED: acknowledgement that fear is real
but doesn’t have to absorb all of our focus and energy.

…  the nasty bug that began on Friday began to abate a few days later.
The sore throat is gone, fever only in the afternoon and evening
and even though the coughing continues, I anticipate it’ll leave sooner than later.
BLESSING RECEIVED: A lovely memory of Mom and her delicious chicken soup
brought me into the kitchen to whip up a tasty (and healing) chicken soup
that helped use leftover rice, cauliflower, peas, lentils and roasted chicken.

… the injured back that prevented me from participating in a workshop
and begin a calligraphy class series began to respond to three days
of rest, relaxation, ice packs, heating pad – and play!
BLESSING RECEIVED: Play helps refocus attention away from the back spasms and pain.
Thanks to Linda Goralski who posted about paper wreaths last week, I had a new paper design
to play with in my recliner chair over the weekend. The result: 18 paper wreaths that will find
their way into Christmas envelopes for special friends, family and Envelope Exchange partners.

How easy it would have been to focus on the three difficult (bad) things that weekend
(storms, “bug”, injured back), but that would not change any of the situations,
Instead, for each situation, I decided to look for, consider and focus on

© june maffin


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