Tulips are beginning to appear
in fields and yards and stores and homes
like the little pot of tulips placed in the kitchen window.

As their petals gently unfolded in the morning’s light
their reflection in the kitchen window called
“Take our picture!”
and a smile came to my face.

A wonderful way to begin a new day.
But I almost missed it!

I almost missed
that moment of awareness of
… something grace-filled
… something beautiful
… something holy.

I almost missed it
but didn’t
thanks to two little tulips
reflected in the kitchen window.

Thank-you Mother Nature
for this gentle reminder to
… make time for
… be open to
… become available for
Spirit to touch my soul
in grace-filled, beautiful, joy-filled, awe-inspiring, wonder-filled, holy ways.




Photo & Text © June Maffin

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