The ABOUT-TO stages in life are precious and life-changing for both
… the one who is ABOUT-TO
… and the parent who watches the unfolding of their child’s next ABOUT-TO.

First: the ABOUT-TO be born stage
… the first awareness of the life carried within
… the first ‘kick’
… the first labour pain
… the birth of the child, a gift from God.

This mother remembers it all as if it were last week
… told she would never conceive
… never carry full-term
… and if born, the child would not survive six months.
But the child did – against all odds
and she was able to give thanks as each of his next ABOUT-TO’s came
… ABOUT-TO walk
… ABOUT-TO talk
… ABOUT-TO go to school.

And before she knew it,
the next ABOUT-TO had arrived.
He was ABOUT-TO become a teen, ABOUT-TO shave
ABOUT-TO rebel, ABOUT-TO drive a car, ABOUT-TO get a job,
ABOUT-TO have a girlfriend, ABOUT-TO move away from home,
ABOUT-TO become a man, ABOUT-TO have his first heartbreak.

At each ABOUT-TO stage in his life
she wept with joy and pride
with sadness and awe
with wonder and love
and with deep hope that at each ABOUT-TO time, her child-now-man would
… inhale the preciousness of life
… remember to give thanks to God who gave him life and know that God
has walked with him in the past,
continues to walk with him in the present,
and will be there through each ABOUT-TO stage of life in the future.

Photo and Text © june maffin SOULartISTRY
first steps

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