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The word ‘Soulistry’ is a neologism (‘soul’ and ‘art’istry) whose intent to bring an oasis of calm and peace into an otherwise hectic and sometimes chaotic world.

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You can find more about Soulistry and its retreats, workshops, publications, Facebook pages and the Soulistry — Artistry of the Soul: Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality book on various pages on this website and on the accompanying FB Soulistry page.

The Soulistry book is available in Kindle e-book format as well as paperback format through Amazon and local booksellers.

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                                                       SOULISTRY WORKSHOPS

    Facilitated by June Maffin of Soulistry (www.soulistry.com), all art techniques taught in the workshops are easy-to-do for people of all ages (with or without previous art experience.)   They are designed to stimulate the Muse in the creation of unique cards, envelopes, bookmarks, ATC’s, journaling,  collage, calligraphy, book coverings, and more  and as students learn the simple techniques that will provide countless hours of gentle relaxation, de-stressing activity, unique meditation and play, they’ll discover the artist that lies within.  :-)

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  1. ruth says:

    I was referred to your website by effy wild! i have ordered the book and am taking her Book of Days Class! I imagine I will be visiting your website to see what’s going on over here! Looking forward to some “soulistry” work!

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